Choices of Meat

Carne AsadaCharbroiled Steak
CarnitasFried Pork
Al PastorMarinated Pork
Shredded BeefPollo Asado
Grilled Chicken BreastFish

Dinner Plate

 PLATE CARNITAS Carnitas (Fried Pork)  $11.99 Order Now
 PLATE CHORIZO & EGG $ 7.99 Chorizo w/Eggs (Bacon & Eggs)  $11.99 Order Now
 PLATE STEAK Steak & Eggs  $11.99 Order Now
Tamale with Rice and Beans Tamales $7.99 Order Now
Chile Relleno Chile Relleno $8.99 Order Now
Enchilada in Green Sauce $8.99 Order Now

Burrito Bowl

 BURRITO BOWL $5.49 Burrito Bowl Salad Lettuce, beans, rice, salsa, and choice of meat.  $8.99 Order Now


Horchata (L) $2.99 Order Now
Soft Drinks $1.69 Order Now
Jarittos $2.49 Order Now
Bottle of Coke $2.69 Order Now

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